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Oregon Nurse Staffing Legislation

SB 469: Notice for Posting

Oregon Nurse Staffing Legislation: Implications for Patients & Families

It is important for patients and their families to be aware of SB 469, the state legislation that provides oversight to nurse staffing for patient care areas in all Oregon Hospitals. The Oregon Nurse Staffing Law exists to promote safe patient care based on sufficient nurse staffing. The Oregon Health Authority is responsible to evaluate hospital compliance with the rules related to nurse staffing. Important elements of Oregon’s Hospital Nurse Staffing Law that you should know:

  • Each nursing unit has a staffing plan in place to provide for the care and needs of the patients on that unit.
  • The staffing plan is developed in partnership between the nurses who provide patient care and the nurse managers of this hospital.
  • The staffing plan includes detail about the number of nursing staff as well as nursing skill and competencies needed to provide safe and appropriate care for patients on this unit.

If you have a concern about your care, please bring it to the attention of your nurse, a nurse leader of a patient advocate in this hospital

  • Nurse leader name and phone number: Holley Tyler, CCO, 503-351-0849

Please give the hospital the opportunity to help resolve your concern about nurse staffing and/or patient care.

If you are unable to resolve your concern with hospital personnel, you may contact the Oregon Health Authority, Health Care Regulation and Quality Improvement division at 971-673-0540, or email at mailbox.hclc@state.or.us

Oregon Health Authority website address:


To access the entire nurse staffing law: http://www.oahhs.org/sites/default/files/SB469.pdf