Christiana Jones

Christiana Jones has always found strength in her love for God and it was her resilient faith that helped her get through one of the greatest challenges of her life. After being diagnosed with a serve infection that led to the loss of both her legs, Christiana found herself overcome with fear and depression. “Why me? I’m a God-fearing woman,” Christiana recalled thinking. After months of emotional distress from battling the infection, she was able to turn a corner in her recovery. “I pulled up my bootstraps and moved on,” she added.

When she arrived at Vibra Specialty Hospital of Portland, Christiana was so weak that she didn’t even have the strength to sit for her dialysis treatments. But things began to change for Christiana, namely being able to see her family again. “Being in the hospital [in Medford] during the pandemic meant no visitors. I missed seeing my family. Vibra let me have one visitor and that’s what I needed to feel better,” said Christiana.

Christiana expressed her gratitude to the hospital staff with frequent Sunshine Notes

Along with seeing her family again, Christiana found great support and care in the staff. She showed her gratitude frequently by writing “Sunshine Notes” to the staff. She wrote these notes to thank the staff for their friendship and positivity and for the excellent care she was receiving. During her recovery, she became especially close to Matt, Vibra’s patient advocate. “It’s helped having Matt. He’s my bud.”

“My mom sent me pictures of everyone. I have more pictures of Matt than I do my husband,” Christiana’s daughter added with a laugh.

After working tirelessly, Christiana regained the strength to stand in her new prosthetic legs and sit up in a chair for the entirety of her dialysis treatments. She has overcome more obstacles than most will ever know and along the way, made friends who will cheer her on forever.